Buxmont Christian Educational Institute, Inc. (BCEI) was established in 1989 for the purpose of providing educational services to qualified educational supervisors as specified by Act 169 of 1988. BCEI headquarters are located just a few hundred feet from the Bucks and Montgomery County Line in Telford, PA, hence the name “Buxmont.”

Educational services provided by BCEI include, but not limited to: standardized testing, educational consultations, diplomas, transcripts, continuing education seminars, course selection process, student affairs and recommendations, and much more.

BCEI is the second established agency recognized by the Department of Education of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to issue diplomas to students who are educated at home.

BCEI maintains a standard of excellence in the educational program of each individual student as specified in our Standards and Procedures Manual which has been approved by the PA Department of Education in Harrisburg. Students must acquire a minimum of twenty-three high school credits in order to receive a high school diploma. Four English credits are required; three Math credits to include at least ½ credit of Algebra and ½ credit of Geometry; three Science credits; three Social Studies credits to include at least ½ credit of Civics, PA History, Geography, U.S. History, and Ancient World History; two units of credit in Arts and Humanities, or both; one unit of credit in Health and Physical Education; Eight units of additional courses designed to meet the individual needs of each student.

Although varied programs are established for the students according to the individual needs and abilities of each student BCEI allows for advanced students to take AP courses or to complete CLEP testing credits while still in high school. A good number of our advanced students take college credit courses as a part of their junior and senior year while in the diploma program. Provisions are also made for those students on the other end of the spectrum who fit under the category of “special needs” in their academic program.

Over the past five years at least 71% of our high school graduates continued their education through either a two year or four year institution. Of that 71% a large majority are recognized for their outstanding accomplishments on the college level.

Because of the high standards of excellence that BCEI maintains most of our college bound students receive numerous scholarships and grants from varied organizations including the colleges or universities that they are attending. BCEI is also a part of the Big 33 Scholarship program and the PHEAA program and is recognized by the NCAA Clearing House.

Below you will find some of our graduating class stats:

  • The class of 2006 graduated 56 students and out of this number 63% of the class continued their education in the fall of 2006.
  • The graduating class of 2007 had 63 students and out of this number 75% went on to college.
  • BCEI awarded 48 diplomas to the class of 2008 and out of this number 72% of the students were college bound.
  • There were 41 diplomas awarded in 2009 with 70 percent of these students going on to further their education after graduation from high school.
  • The class of 2010 graduated 44 students and 73% continued their education after graduation.
  • There were thirty-three graduates from the class of 2011 with 80% of the class expecting to continue their education. With only thirty-three graduates well over a half million dollars in scholarship money was awarded to the class of 2011 for academic excellence.
  • There are 33 alumni from the class of 2012 with 78% of the class to be attending college in the fall of 2012.
  • The graduating class of 2013 maintains a roster of twenty-eight students and we are still enrolling students for this class.
  • BCEI Class of 2013 and 2014 graduated 27 students each, and in the class of 2013 70% attended college.
  • The present class of 2015 maintains a roster of 25 students but it is too early in the school year to determine the percentage of students who will be attending college although almost half of the class has already earned college credits.

Yearly reports continue to come in from our alumni of their success rates in colleges with a very large number making the Dean’s List which further supports the quality education that the students receive at home in their high school years.

Final class rank is determined after the last week of May of the senior year and is based upon cumulative grade point average (GPA) and upon the number of credits earned by the senior candidate.