Please note that this list is provided for supplemental materials for your curriculum and not to be used entirely in place of set curricula.

Furthermore, please realize that it is the responsibility of each parent to preview and screen each website prior to allowing their children to freely visit each site. BCEI does not endorse any of these sites, rather we provide you with tools to research on your own in selecting materials for your students. We encourage our families to use extreme caution when setting your child in front of a computer unsupervised.

If you have other sites that have worked for you and you would like to share them please submit them to the editor of Nehemiah’s Leadership for publication in the next newsletter.




  • obtain your FAFSA application and updated information
  • the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency website will keep you updated on state wide programs being offered for college students


  • Enjoy lessons about great artists, with student work examples and a biographical commentary.
  • Learn about art in the 21st century from this PBS site. Check out contemporary works, meet the artists, and share your own views on what art is.
  • Watch an animated demonstration of various artistic principles, find examples of these concepts, and create your own composition.
  • Explore how different cultures view their color; see how it affects the brain and the body, and much more. You can also learn about color’s use in art and science and voice your opinion in a survey.
  • Learn about the color wheel, mixing, schemes,and mood. Find activities, vocabulary, puzzles, and quizzes.
  • Get your paintbrush or crayons out and get ready to be inspired! You’ll find information on illustrators, drawing tips, and samples of artwork from kids of all ages.
  • Make your own clay gargoyles and other art projects. Check out kids’ works from around the world.
  • Learn the language of art, explore art materials, and unravel clues about the history of selected artworks. You can even visit and artist’s studio and make your own art of this cool site.
  • Check out these art activities and games, gallery, and the monthly featured artistic period.





  • An Online Road-Trip for Kids: The 50 States. (Suggested by Mrs. Bowen’s 5th grade class – Thank You!)
  • Look at a bunch of world maps and timelines that show the progression of economic trends, systems of government, population, and lots more.
  • Learn how artifacts, buildings, and stories can give us insights into history. Study the techniques used by professional investigators, learn how to conduct your own historical investigation, or get to know the team of experts on this PBS site.
  • Teachers, find hundreds of lessons and activities all correlated to state curriculum standards.
  • The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC) is offering resources to help make learning history a more interactive experience for your home school families. There are over 100 lessons plans focused on Pennsylvania’s history and presented through PHMC’s historical markers, including seven lesson plans related to Pennsylvania’s agricultural and rural history.
  • Study the clues to learn how people lived in the past.
  • Let Benjamin Franklin explain the branches of the U.S. government and how it started. You can learn about citizenship, elections, how laws are made, national v. state government, and lots more.
  • This great collection lets you meet amazing Americans, jump back in time to important historical periods, explore the states, or see, hear, and sing bits from America’s past.
  • Visit the clubhouse to learn all about coin collecting, take the time machine to other eras in U.S. history, or play some cool money games.
  • Cool online magazine with an issue each month about a different aspect of history in America. Includes biographies, games, quizzes, and lots more!
  • Explore U.S. history from the time of English settlement to the current era. Includes maps, interactive timelines, and descriptions of key events.
  • provides activities, teacher guides and other resources for teaching Civics
  • is maintained by Voice of the Martyrs and can teach our children what it is like to be a Christian in other parts of the world and can be used as a supplement to geography studies